The ALKAS I diagnostic exercise assesses fluency in Kristang following 40 hours of Kodrah Kristang instruction. All Kodrah Kristang 1B learners interested in progressing to 2A must sit for the diagnostic exercise. However, there is no passing or failing mark for the exercise; it is merely one of a suite of tools used to understand how much learners have retained from Kodrah 1A & 1B, and one of the ways that learners can use to validate their own progress.

The exercise consists of three parts. Candidates who achieve a high mark in individual sections and/or on the overall exercise are recognised with the Kapas altu “highly capable” remark.

Part 1 Grammar and Vocabulary

Candidates complete 25 multiple-choice questions on grammar and vocabulary from Kristang 1A & 1B.

Maximum obtainable score: 25 | Minimum kapas altu score: 22

Part 2 Reading and Writing

Candidates complete 2 short answer tasks.

Maximum obtainable score: 20  | Minimum kapas altu score: 18

Part 3 Listening and Speaking

Candidates read 10 sentences in Kristang and then have a conversation with an interlocutor about one of six possible pictures. Candidates receive the six possible pictures one week before the examination; on the day of the examination, candidates roll a die to determine which picture they are to speak about.

Maximum obtainable score: 20 | Minimum kapas altu score: 17

To be recognised with kapas altu for the entire exercise, candidates must score at least 57 points out of the possible 65 points total.

Candidates who achieve kapas altu for all three individual sections will be invited to become Kodrah Kristang facilitators.

Download the pilot ALKAS I exercise here:
Pilot ALKAS I, March 18, 2017

Download the list of 482 words you should know for the ALKAS I here:
ALKAS I Lista di Palabra, revised 2 April 2018