Schedule of classes

All courses are currently offered free-of-charge unless held at a Community Centre (in which case, the basic venue fee charged by CCs apply). Most courses consist of 10 x 2-hour sessions unless otherwise stated. Beginners should register for Kodrah Kristang 1A.

If you’d like to know when we open new 1A classes, email us at to let us know when we open new classes. We will also publicise the new classes on our Facebook page and our Instagram page so ‘like’ us if you want to get updates!

Online classes

If you are interested in learning Kristang but cannot attend face-to-face classes in Singapore, paid online adult individual and group classes are now available through Merlionsman Coaching & Consulting and can be booked at All classes in Singapore under the Kodrah Kristang banner will continue to remain free or as close to free as possible barring venue rental requirements or other logistics fees.