Jardinggu: The Kristang Lexical Incubator


Jardinggu (or the Kristang Lexical Incubator) provides a space for the discussion and accelerated addition of new words into the Kristang lexicon. Jardinggu is a word we created from Kristang jarding + linggu, meaning ‘language garden’.

The Kodrah Kristang team seeks to encourage more young people to learn and speak Kristang. Many young people, however, don’t see the value in learning a language that is not ready for the modern age, and lacks words for concepts that are important today, like “website”, “democracy” and “wifi”.

Our Incubator is a safe space for language practitioners with varying levels of fluency in Kristang who are committed to seeing the language preserved for a new generation. Other previously-dying languages like Hawaiian also formed incubators that created thousands of new words—today, Hawaiian lives again. We hope that with the work of the Jardinggu, Kristang will too!

When we meet (online, during Covid-19 period of safe distancing)
Every Thursday, 8.30–9.30 pm Singapore Time, online video conferencing. Please email kodrah@kristang.com if you have experience speaking/learning Kristang and would like to be a part of these virtual discussions.

Klai falah…? How to say…?
Have you ever found yourself lost for words in Kristang? Ever browsed the existing print dictionaries looking for words to express yourself, only to find that some important words are missing from our Kristang vocabulary?If you know a word that isn’t already represented in the print dictionaries, please let us know: https://tinyurl.com/klaifalah

Watch our new words grow here:

In 2017 when we first started the Jardinggu initiative, the team (consisting of heritage speakers, linguists, new learners of Kristang, and language aficionados) had the privilege of convening every two months in a restauant to discuss the proposed new words in person.

Suggested words from previous meetings
2017 Ingkontru 01 Palabra Nubu (Sabdu, 8 Abril 2017)
2017 Ingkontru 02 Palabra Nubu (Sabdu, 10 Junyu 2017)
2017 Ingkontru 03 Palabra Nubu (Sabdu, 19 Agostu 2017)