Vocabulary course

The Kriseh Kristang Memrise course introduces you to the vocabulary of Kristang. After signing up for a free Memrise account and joining the course, you will see a series of words, each pronounced by two Kristang speakers separately. Memrise then quizzes you on each word based on a spaced repetition algorithm that takes into account your ability to remember each word, and your own daily goals, which you can set. New units are uploaded to complement the audio course. Units are presented by Kevin Michael Sim and Linda Longue, and the course is managed by Kevin Martens Wong.

Kriseh Kristang 1. Uploaded July 6, 2016. Complements Kontah Kristang Units 1-6.
Kriseh Kristang 2. Uploaded July 29, 2016. Complements Kontah Kristang Units 7-12.

Kriseh Kristang square.png